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"Mazy Hill, Snow" by Ed Wright
"Mazy Hill, Snow" by Ed Wright
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  • alt.sense 3/23/01 
    Description: affiliated only to those involved in the networked culture and its interest only pertains to the aesthetics of communication
    Comments: You've probably noticed that I don't mention the names of the daily picks in my site reviews.  "Today's Pick" above is linked to the site and I guess I like the elements of surprise and curiousity that my choice of writing style allows.  As the saying goes, "there's a method to my madness" that makes sense to me — then I recall that now famous title from the Talking Heads — Stop Making Sense.  So, today I will deviate from my typical approach and allow the name of the site to appear in the following quote which clearly describes the philosophy of the forces behind the site (I think).  "May the struggle to write a definition for alt.sense be an everlasting and satisfying project. Hopefully, the diversity of content and contributions will forever be an irritation to portals, yet an inspiration to those who participate."  I visited this site a few months back when I heard about the "happy birthday" project.  If you'd like to adorn me with gifts the next time I turn the page, you can find my birthday listed there.  When I submitted my information back then, I was probably in a hurry and didn't realize that the project was just a small piece of what you'll find there.  It's collaboration at its best — a great section of submitted photos, plenty of tasty links, and some engaging written pieces, too.  And if you like discussion boards, they have an excellent one going — I've been talking a lot lately about how so many new sites are being done in Flash and how that gets to me sometimes as I try to find meaningful content to share here at coolstop.  Well — I found an interesting discussion about that very thing at today's pick, too.  This totally non-commercial site is just the type of thing that motivates me to do what I do — they're not "an irritation to portals" at all... they're an alternative — and a great one at that!
  • 3/21/01 
    Description: Please do not write on the walls or throw anything from the windows.
    Comments: On the sidebar of David Gallagher's site is the word "why" followed by the words "Because I still think self-publishing is the best thing about the Internet."  Bingo!  I couldn't agree more.  Though we all get little feedback on our efforts, putting it out there is what it's all about.  It's interesting that David makes his living as a freelance writer and he certainly doesn't need to self-publish — his articles about technology and the Internet have appeared in the New York Times, Interactive Week, and the Village Voice.  But self-publishing has it's own unique rewards.  David loves to take photographs and this weblog type of site is loaded with them.  Sure — there's some links and brief commentary, but the key content is the photographs.  A clean and simple design without bells and whistles, and especially without a business model, sure matches my mood this morning.  I've got design studio Flash sites coming out of my ears again and this personal, content-rich site is just what I'm looking for.  Hoping you'll appreciate it, too...
  • David Monr√≥s 3/20/01 
    Description: artista mediterrani (Flash navigation)
    Comments: This is refreshing.  In fact, this could be what the makers of Flash had in mind when they first introduced the product.  Instead of being all Flash vs. all HTML, today's pick uses a mix — the navigation is done in Flash while the content is not.  There's no long wait for page loading and the user ends up focusing on the content instead of the medium — I like that.  Did I say content?  David Monrós is a wonderful painter and if he designed the site as well, he's earned my respect twice.  Available in three languages, the site showcases his works, plus he devotes a section to showing you his environment, which I thought was an interesting look at the artist.  The three sections of the showcase are "current work", "early work" and "process."  I can't say which one I like the best because they are all equally engaging.  Marvelous... simply marvelous!
  • 3/17/01 
    Description: waste of bandwidth for my crappy photography, movie/television reviews, midgets, desert recipes, naked jello wrestling
    Comments: A unique assortment of personal stuff in the form of words and photos is waiting for your discovery at today's pick.  "The daily crap is simply a way to get my gripes and otherwise tasteless writings into the public cesspool of digital s**t" tells you a little about Jessie's motivation in the weblog portion of his creative space, but the stuff he writes is better than that — definitely NOT crap.  It's honest and interesting writing and, if anything, it helps neutralize the "cesspool."  "The photography stuff is purely for fun and simply a hobby" says Jessie.  I started at the "now showing" section and was pleasantly engaged with 5 "rolls" of great photos.  There's more photos in several other projects, and I even found a series of comics in my travels through the site.  Not bad, Jessie — not bad at all!  I've mentioned a few times recently that I'm growing tired of all the bells and whistles and am hungry for content — real content.  That's exactly what I was thinkin' this morning at 2:00 a.m. as I set out to find it.  I finished reviewing all those Flash sites in the queue around 2:30 a.m. and hopped on my horse in search of an alternative.  At 2:45 a.m., this is what I found.  I'm simply tickled — thanks, Jessie...
  • Leila Méndez 3/13/01 
    Description: photography gallery (Flash)
    Comments: Today's pick impressed me on very much the same level as another recent pick, which simply presents its real content without embellishment.  When it comes to great visuals, few words are needed, and this superb collection of photographs from (obviously professional) photographer Leila Méndez speaks clearly for itself.  You'll need the full height of your screen if viewing at 800x600.  I love the minimal use of Flash for the small navigator at the bottom of the neat popup — just scroll through the mini-thumbs in the tiny window to make a choice — the clarity of the tiny samples is amazing.  I particularly like the piece called "Las Vegas" and the attitude of the subject in "Lucky Strike" is oddly familar to me (though I can't say exactly why).  "Disop" is another one I found interesting.  There's nothing but photos here and the simple presentation and tasty design are just perfect...
  • davezilla 3/4/01 
    Description: anagrams, interviews, original cartoons, aliens, illustrations and more fun than your parents will allow you to have
    Comments: I've got to admit that I haven't visited Dave Linabury's site in quite a while.  It was a featured cool site last May and I really liked it, though, for whatever the reason, it wasn't chosen as a daily pick back then.  I hear about Dave now and then at other sites — he's a great illustrator and people love his anagrams of celebrities' names and the great caricatures that accompany them.  His cartoons and alien signs are cool stuff, too, and he also writes some interesting essays and blog entries.  I think it's the new design that grabbed me, looking at Dave's site again recently.  Funny how that all works — I explored Dave's site much more thoroughly this time and I think it's the new look and feel that made me wanna hang around longer.  That's not to say that his old look and feel was chopped liver, either.  It's just to say that for me, as one individual user with their own preferences and prejudices, the change in Dave's design had a definite impact on my motivation to explore his world.  The good news is that Dave's site is great, whether you want to look at it as a personal homepage, an artist's portfolio, or an important spoke in the wheel we call the web — great content and spirit!  There is no bad news...
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