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"no exit" by Sky Pape
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Welcome to coolstop
(Established 10/14/97)

From its inception, coolstop's mission had been to provide fresh links, primarily to the more non-commercial, creative side of the web. Daily Picks and Site Reviews were featured throughout coolstop's first 10 years and active site listings from that period are included in the archives. With an eye out for original creative content and personal expression and sometimes, useful resources, meaningful initiatives, or amusing diversions, coolstop continued to recognize great sites in the spirit of its original mission in the form of NewFoundCool, from October, 2007 through the middle of August, 2010. Explore and enjoy the coolstop archives...

Some random favorites...

Andreas Laszlo KonrathAndreas Laszlo Konrath
photo stories plus polaroid diary

a collaborative exploration connecting creative movements and magnifying grassroots concepts and practices

ester vonplonester vonplon

...and another from coolstop's first 10 years:

Design(RadarDesign(Radar 2/25/02 
Description: Italian e-zine features web art and design links, news, site reviews, and articles

Comments: It's funny.  I've been visiting the site several times a week for the longest time and though it's all in Italian, that really hasn't stopped me from enjoying it.  Today's pick features a wealth of links to great art and design sites, along with short reviews/descriptions – I guess I've been ignoring the latter, just clicking away and exploring the featured sites.  So, I spent some time early this morning using my favorite translator to check out today's pick more thoroughly.  How enlightening!  The concise descriptions and accompanying screenshots are done well, giving the user a nice glimpse of the sites – I like the columnar layout, too.  One of the "special" articles ("The Art of H.R. Giger") is quite interesting.  Another article about the "thin line" between being inspired by another designer and copying another designers' work is thought-provoking and relevant, especially in the world of web design.  Aside from the growing "links" directory, there's also a section that focuses on sites "made in Italy."  An excellent site design with great graphics, today's pick makes a nice "starting point" – explore the web...

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