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"Rock" by Junebug
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Welcome to coolstop
(Established 10/14/97)

From its inception, coolstop's mission had been to provide fresh links, primarily to the more non-commercial, creative side of the web. Daily Picks and Site Reviews were featured throughout coolstop's first 10 years and active site listings from that period are included in the archives. With an eye out for original creative content and personal expression and sometimes, useful resources, meaningful initiatives, or amusing diversions, coolstop continued to recognize great sites in the spirit of its original mission in the form of NewFoundCool, from October, 2007 through the middle of August, 2010. Explore and enjoy the coolstop archives...

Some random favorites... least we least we dream.
graphic works by Jonathan Michael Foerster

300 love letters300 love letters
There is so much we dont talk about, so much we have trouble believing in.

I'm Just Walkin'I'm Just Walkin'
a blog documenting a walk from Rockaway Beach, New York to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, which is currently underway

...and another from coolstop's first 10 years:

antitextantitext 5/24/00 
Description: antitext megapowerful corporation, a subsidiary of the Global Garbage Networks

Comments: When an artist makes a statement and chooses not to embellish it with "meaningless jibberish" or filler content, all that's left is the artist's statement.  It may be brief and quite simple, but the point is, it says what it says and nothing more.  That's the impression I get from today's Best of the Cool winning site - at least, I think that's the point being made by it.  The content is a simple presentation of a small series of very original graphics - a collage of sorts - and if that's just to brief to satisfy, the producer also gives you an escape route which is a gateway to some very cool places elsewhere.  The site defies normal navigation and site structure paradigms and really has nothing more to say than what you get out of it - I like it!

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