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"Broncos" by Rob
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  • Becoming Human 11/30/01 
    Description: Journey through the story of human evolution in a broadband documentary experience.
    Comments: The long list of site credits tells you this was no small production.  Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and presented by the Institute of Human Origins, today's pick is a wonderful example of new media presentation.  They suggest a broadband connection and at least 64k of RAM to view the main attraction, a documentary done in Flash that takes you on a "journey through four million years of human evolution."  There's 43 photographers, 9 illustrators, plus the resources of six major museums on the image end of things and 31 content contributors, aside from the team of 22 behind the production of the site.  To be honest, I only watched a small part of the documentary — it's humongous — but I saw enough to realize this is great web work — I'll be back there soon to learn more about "Becoming Human."  The "News & Views" section also covers some interesting topics and the "Learning Center" is scheduled to launch in mid-December.  Excellent! 
  • Visual-Pollution 11/25/01 
    Description: Most of the works are private and underground. Many works, paint work, digitalwork, etc, are exhibited in the view. (Flash)
    Comments: A 24-year-old Visual Design student at Chosun University in Korea who calls himself "Artwave" is the guy behind today's pick.  He's already anticipating the coming new year with the launch of "Artwave2002 Vol4" — the main page loads with a unique combination of sound and motion — very inviting.  It's the "gallery" that grabbed me — start at the bottom with his "fine art" and work your way up through his "cover designs" to the "motion graphics."  The still drawings and paintings are really good and help you appreciate his interfaces and other multimedia work — I really like the little piece called "dream."  Artwave is quite talented...
  • PixelPalais 11/24/01 
    Description: virtual photodiary, flashworks and phototopics
    Comments: Christophe just posted a brand new "Phototopic" called "Water" — the series of five photos is the fifth topic in that section — "Random Error" is the topic I liked the best, with its colorful collages of assorted, miscellaneous images.  Another section called "Visual Poetry" has an interactive piece called "Timeline" with excellent motion graphics and music — another Flash piece called "Zwischenraum" is similar — the "lyrics" or textual content is done by someone named Silvia Burghardt — ahh — the magic of collaboration.  The largest section of the site is the "Photodiary" which started back in August, 2000 — "Life happens daily.  This is mine." says Christophe about this chronological collection of great visuals.  There's also a section of extraordinary photography from three "guests" — one of them shares Christophe's last name — perhaps they're brothers.  I'm not at all surprised that today's pick has "pixel" in its name (I'm collecting them, ya know)...
  • this mans life 11/23/01 
    Description: trivial human insight
    Comments: If you're using a resolution higher than 1024x768, you may want to bring it down before viewing today's pick unless you don't mind some windows being forced to fill the screen.  Though I usually use 1280x1024, I prefer to limit my browser windows to 1024x768 (gives me more desktop and most web pages seem to look better to me that way) — so — I switched to the lower resolution and enjoyed today's pick considerably more.  What a superb design!  The main page of the site opens in a 765x430 popup and is a great example of how appropriate a dark background can be for pages with a lot of visual elements.  There's "pictures:aplenty" on the main page with more in the "gallery" — photos, illustrations, and designs — "all [his] own work" and it's all good!  James also shares his many previous splashes and covers in additional sections and his "observations" are also quite interesting and thought-provoking.  His "brief revelations" include "People don't notice your trivial flaws. Stop worrying." — pretty good advice from a 22-year-old British designer who describes himself as "intellectual, creative, and positive."  His "lengthy thoughts from one, or several separate but related, mental journeys" are even better and what he says in the "bad photo" section makes perfect sense to me as well.  Unlike many "design sites" I encounter, James' site is also very personal — it shares as much about the person behind the site as it does about his designs and art...
  • Soluble Fish 11/15/01 
    Description: A quicktime video journal recording the coming and going of story fragments in the image of my/our world. (Broadband)
    Comments: "A chance to play around with this new space of cinema" is what today's pick is according to Will, the guy behind the site.  You'll need a fast connection to enjoy this one — it's a "video journal" done with Quicktime.  It looks like the site is less than a month old and the short videos are interesting — I really like the "commute" series.  There's also a section called "found photos" that's empty at the moment — wondering if those will be stills that non-broadband users will be able to enjoy — that would probably be a good balance in content.  This is the first video journal I've encountered and I like the concept...
  • 11/13/01 
    Description: intellectual property of a jaded generation
    Comments: It always pays to explore, especially if a site's content appears to be on a single page with no internal links.  Sure — the usability experts will tell you that navigation should be obvious — the user's a dummy who needs to be prompted by the clarity of some pre-defined logic or he/she won't know what to do.  There's value to that line of thought, I guess, but in some cases, the user wants to discover secrets about a site, if there are any, and they just might be bored if engaged in a typical way — a website can be an adventure and if one provides a way to progress or move about the site that's not the same old same old, many users will figure it out, though maybe not immediately.  That's what happened to me on today's pick.  At first, I thought it was just the piece called "How To Better Your Childs Viewing Pleasure" which really is an interesting guide to bad parenting — most amusing.  There's a few little linked, icon-size logos along the bottom and my first impression after checking the first few was that they were all external links — though the user is not necessarily a dummy (I hope), it is so easy to assume.  So, the site went to my potentials' list with a mental note to watch for more content.  This morning, I went looking again, thinking there must be more and I will find it, dammit.  It dawns on me that I didn't check all of those logos the first time, and viola, I'm on my way to some more real cool stuff.  A single icon represents the site's navigation but you have to commit and keep going — the content is delivered in a preset order and though I'm inclined to back out, I decide to keep going as the secrets unfold.  I eventually arrive at "The Sociopath's Guide to Modern Living" and I'm really enjoying it — I read every word.  The path leads to more interesting things and some more serious — this is a wonderful combination of images and words, all the way to "this is a rip" and the teaser at the end — explore!
  • The Rag 11/10/01 
    Description: A humor magazine for the other .0002% of us.
    Comments: I don't believe it — I actually spent over 2 hours checking out today's pick.  Not only that! — I actually went for the "Tales from the floor" thing 4 times — a piece so dynamic and earth-shattering that it appears in all 4 issues that this 'zine has published so far.  Going for the satire and not doing a bad job at it, today's pick offers (can I say "goofy?") content that's not particularly useful but is quite entertaining (which either says something about the content or something about me).  2 hours!  One of us is nuts.  Remember "Fluid Design?"  It's refreshing to see a design that adjusts well to any window width.  I wouldn't want to leave out that if pickles, homemade pickles, are your thing, today's pickle will definitely do it for ya...
  • Rosy Beyelschmidt 11/8/01 
    Description: works and projects: video installations, videotapes, b/w photography, photo installations, copyart, audioart
    Comments: Today's pick features the "works and projects" of German fine artist Rosy Beyelschmidt, providing separate English and German versions.  Her works have been exhibited widely offline — Cologne, Hamburg, Atlanta (USA), Paris (France), and Charlotte (USA), to name a few.  The site features installations, video art, photography, and "CopyArt" plus a cool "Digital Art Cam" presented via Real Video.  Her most recent exhibition is running in Cologne through November 10th.  The black backgrounds seem perfect for the work on display — a most engaging site...
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