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"Trestle" by Anne
"Trestle" by Anne
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  • Artistica 12/31/99 
    It seeks at exposing those who create in this new medium.
  • less rain 12/28/99 
    multitudinous, multinational multi-complex multimedia collective
  • drububu design 12/22/99 
    very original site with cool javascripts and java applets
  • Interactive Design Forum 12/15/99 
    Ideas, resources and commentary about interactive multimedia, digital design, web design and new media.
  • Mappa.Mundi Magazine 12/12/99 
    revealing invisible worlds (of information, data and communication)
  • opensewer*com 12/10/99 
    A website devoted to promoting art, stopping urban sprawl, keeping technology in its place, and providing a starting point for discussion of all these topics.
  • Images 12/4/99 
    a journal of film and popular culture - for people who just don't passively watch movies
  • Internet Brothers 12/3/99 
    Helpware for the Cybercommunity - "we're the Internet Brothers; balding, round-bellied Net junkies who wonder why sour cream has an expiration date."
    designs and photographs from Japanese designer Shinji Hagiuda - also showcasing other cool creators.
  • PhoenixArt 11/28/99 
    Graphic Design/Visual Art gallery and Photoshop tutorials
  • designgraphik 11/19/99 
    A site dedicated to experimental design.
  • Bad Hair Days 11/10/99 
    Daily journal and weblog, focusing on crime, sex, and puppies.
  • vannatter 10/18/99 
    dustin vannatters things. thats it.
  • Half Empty 10/12/99 
    art, culture, media - a studio/community of designers and artists using this domain as their meeting place
  • reforms 10/1/99 
    visual art, design and a cool flash drum machine in the current issue - and it's "ever growing"
  • 9/25/99 
    "if you make a concerted effort to verbally describe the world around you in a little more detail than you might think it immediately deserves, then you start really going around in a state of heightened observation"
  • Crimeboss 9/23/99 
    crime comic books of the 1940s & 1950s
  • Cuba: Tomorrow in Question 9/16/99 
    visual narrative - a collection of photography by E. Wright Ledbetter
  • Digital Web Magazine 9/3/99 
    "The idea is to encourage designers to be creative, innovative, and well versed in the web environment."
  • Super Escape Pod 8/29/99 
    dedicated to the seekers at heart
  • Diego Rivera Mural Project 8/25/99 
    a unique combination of an artist in his prime and a critical moment in world history brought together on a monumental scale
  • Desktop Imperium 8/24/99 
    bringin' flava to ya' desktop
  • Cocky Bastard 8/20/99 
    I love that anyone can self-publish themselves on a global scale.
  • phong 8/10/99 
    provides undefiled imagery and ACSII content for those who are in need of optical stimulation
  • Almost Cool[.]Org 8/4/99 
    music reviews, personal writings and a new collaborative project that's different - it's more than almost cool/jj
  • Al Yu Design 8/3/99 
    Showcase of automotive, sci-fi and space art.
  • Aspirations to Sweetness 7/19/99 
    A creative journey through hope, exploring beauty, and understanding aspirations.
  • ( ) 7/13/99, a collaborative site, is a library of letters. We are dedicated to bringing art to the web by giving an old craft a new meaning: the writing of literary letters enhanced by powerful images, great design and the ubiquity of the Internet.
  • squid 7/7/99 
    a group of interactive designers, artists, and musicians whose aim it is to break down the restrictions of current thought within interactive design.

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