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Welcome to coolstop
(Established 10/14/97)


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For over 12 years, coolstop's mission had been to provide fresh pointers, primarily to the more non-commercial, creative side of the web. Daily Picks and Site Reviews were featured throughout coolstop's first 10 years and active site listings from that period are included in the archives. With an eye out for original creative content and personal expression and sometimes, useful resources, meaningful initiatives, or amusing diversions, coolstop continued to recognize great sites in the spirit of its original mission in the form of NewFoundCool, from October, 2007 through the middle of August, 2010. Explore and enjoy the coolstop archives...

Some random favorites...

Jennifer ProctorJennifer Proctor
new media film and video

a collaborative exploration connecting creative movements and magnifying grassroots concepts and practices

eva eun-sil haneva eun-sil han
the element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions - collage art

...and another from coolstop's first 10 years:

The Visual DictionaryThe Visual Dictionary 3/11/06 
Description: a visual exploration of words in the real world

Comments: "I have no idea why I keep making work for myself like this.." said Webponce when he set out to create this "nice little corner of the internet" back in October. "I think it's to put off doing real work, but it keeps me off the streets to say the least." His real name is Matthew Knight and the idea behind the site is to "find some great shots of typography, signage, graffiti, number plates, tattoos, who knows?" There's words everywhere and the site recently hit the 500 images mark. Matthew says it all "should be visually stimulating and interesting" and envisions how the database of word pictures might be used in various applications. I'll just add that it's fun (and downright cool). 

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